Creation process for the 2010 GDT Speedster
Thought starter sketches
Traditional rendering
Photorealistic rendering
Package layout
Scale model
The overall process will be as follows:
Client will meet with the team and discuss the overall project.
Client and team will agree on the overall architecture for the sports car, for
example speedster, roadster or coupe. They will discuss and agree on the drive
train assumptions such as horse power and transmission type. A contract will be
established for the initial design phase.
The stylist will prepare thought starter sketches for the client to review. The
sketches will be based upon the overall architecture and drive train
The client will then provide direction to the stylist on the design elements
he/she likes and elements that should be added or deleted.
The stylist will refine the sketches based upon the input from the client. The
sketches will then be given to the client to review.
The stylist will prepare photorealistic renderings of the vehicle for the client to
Once the client is satisfied with the renderings the body surfacing expert and
the stylist will prepare a digital model of the exterior surfaces of the vehicle.
The body surface will be based upon engineering drawings such as a package
layout showing  the major elements of the drive line including the engine,
cooling module, fuel tank and parameters of the passenger compartment.
A realistic scale model will be built so the owner can see how his/her vehicle
will look in physical form. The model will be painted in the client's color choice.
When the client is completely satisfied with the scale model the remainder of
the vehicle specifications will be firmed up such as seat style, steering wheel
size, instrument panel gauges, interior colors and fabrics, road wheel and tire
type and size.
A detailed bill of material will be prepared that will list all of the products and
services that will be used to construct the actual vehicle.
A contract will be drafted that will specify cost and timing for fabricating the
actual vehicle. The cost of the actual vehicle will be based upon the final
specifications selected by the client.
The components will be designed/fabricated/purchased and the actual vehicle
will be built.
The actual vehicle will be test driven and all concerns will be identified and
corrected before the vehicle is delivered to the client.
The completed vehicle will be delivered to the client.
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